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We use only the finest grapes and strive to make wines that will be great values at their price point. The owner, Bob Delf, does the blending work on the wines, and the component wines are made by 2 accomplished winemakers. Dave Moore makes wine for us at our Kirkland winery. And Robert Smasne makes wine for us at his winery in Grandview, WA.

Dave Moore

Dave is an accomplished musician, technical computer guy, and winemaker. We’re not sure how he manages to fit all of that in!

In his own words:
"My “wine awakening” happened back in 1976 when a friend insisted I buy a bottle of 1961 Bordeaux at his wine shop. In the Summer of 1977 I took a 3-day hike in the Trinity Alps of Northern California with the musicians from a band I had just formed. At the end of the second day we arrived Papoose Lake at dusk. I grabbed a fishing pole and tried my luck just as insects began to hatch over the lake. A fish “feeding frenzy” ensued, and in 30 minutes I had caught a string of Trout. My drummer had a campfire going and we enjoyed fresh Trout with the ’61 Bordeaux I had hidden in my backpack. It was a magical experience! The bouquet of the wine transported us to a splendid Summer in a faraway land.

"I began making wine in 1999 with two other musicians. The Merlot grapes came from Snipes Canyon Ranch. The fruit was phenomenal and resulted in a spectacular wine! I have been a devoted winemaker ever since."

Since then, Dave has made over 25 different wines, using grapes from some of the best AVAs in the state, including Red Mountain, Horse Heaven Hills, Snipes Mountain.

He is the winemaker for our 2009 Snipes Mountain Viognier.

Robert Smasne

Robert has spent his entire life in the heart of Washington Wine country and has spent the past 14 vintages crafting wines that have garnered him a reputation as a leading winemaker in Washington State. Robert was raised on a farm in the heart of Washington Wine Country, the Yakima Valley (Washington’s first AVA). It is here, fourth generation, that Robert gained an immense knowledge of farming and vineyard practices along with the life lessons of dedication and passion to his work.

Robert graduated from Washington State University and has carefully selected his experiences and opportunities along the way. Most recently Robert was winemaker for Alexandria Nicole Cellars where his award winning wines put the start up winery on the road to early success. Robert also had winemaking stints at Amavi Cellars, Pepper Bridge Winery, and Covey Run.

As a winemaker Robert’s career has been diversified and this has led him to work with many of the top winemakers in Washington State. Ultimately these experiences shaped his winemaking passion and individual style. Robert has been fortunate to work with such a diverse group of peers, a wide array of vineyards from different AVA’s and with both large-scale wineries as well as ultra-premium estate wineries. In his early winemaking years he had the opportunity to work alongside the talents of David Lake, Dave Crippen, Kerry Norton, and Flint Nelson. While at Pepper Bridge Winery and winemaker for Amavi Cellars in Walla Walla he was able to have the opportunity to work closely with an industry giant, Norm McKibben and one of Walla Walla’s premier winemakers Jean-Francios Pellet. Furthermore, this opened the door for him to work alongside and learn from the talented Christophe Baron from Cayuse. Robert also credits his close friendship with vineyard and winery owner Dave Minick as an important step in his success.

Robert currently is proprietor, winemaker, and consultant for his ROS Wine Company and passionately hand-crafts wine for his labels; Smasne Cellars, AlmaTerra, and Farm Boy wines. He also is winemaker and/or consulting winemaker for over a dozen other northwest wineries.

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