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"After my first visit I came back a month or two later & they remembered me by name- they make it such a comfortable, like you're in their living room, experience- they draw you in like everyone that walks in the door is their best friend. When I have brought friends or family member their friendliness & personalities just radiate. I love how they remember names. Another thing that sucked me in is their level of charity work- animal charities & school fundraisers- they're very much about helping their community. You can bring your dog in which tells you a lot! You can buy certain wines that will go towards certain causes as well. They're about the wine experience, not just their business plan."

2006 Intrigue

2006 Intrigue

NWC Int06

Seattle Wine Awards
Seattle Wine Awards

Our 2006 Intrigue was recognized at SWA in 2016 as the best in its category, Red Proprietary Blends.



Dallas Morning News
Wine Competition


2010 Hilton Head International
Wine Competition


Finger Lakes International
Wine Competition


"Wine of the Year"
2009 Sommelier Journal

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