About Northwest Cellars

Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce

Northwest Cellars was started in September 2004 with a vision to provide high-quality wines at reasonable prices with unique custom personalized wine labels.

Bob Delf, Founder

Bob Delf Bob graduated from the University of British Columbia with degrees in Math and Computer Science. He later went on to get his MBA. At age 32 he was promoted to CEO of his first company, and then spent 30 years running several software companies. He then started a CEO coaching business, and during that time someone gave him a bottle of wine with a custom-designed label on the front. Bob was no wine novice – he grew up in a family of wine importers, and had been a serious collector ( and drinker!) most of his life. The custom-labeled bottle he received easily won the prize for the worst bottle of wine. Ever.

But Bob liked the idea, so he started Northwest Cellars in 2004, primarily to make very high quality wine, with the option of a custom-designed front label. Customers include businesses, non-profits, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and consumers for special occasions or personal cellars. The winery does not sell in retail stores, except their own Kirkland tasting room.

Northwest Cellars uses exclusively Washington grapes, from some of the most revered vineyards in the State. The wines win awards all across the country, and are recognized among the top in the State.