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Valentine's WEEK :)

Valentine's WEEK :)

Valentine’s Day is the day we show our love for that special someone. Usually, with the flowers and chocolate.


Well, as the saying goes… “two out of three ain’t bad.”


To make your Valentine’s Day special, add some delicious wine to your gift of flowers and chocolates. Red roses go perfectly with red wine. And chocolate? Well, wine and chocolate makes a magical pairing.


And shouldn’t your Valentine’s Day be magical?


At Northwest Cellars, we have too many wines to celebrate for just one day. So we’re celebrating Valentine’s week!


Come in for a free tasting of 4 of our Reserve wines ,which is a $10 value right there. And, sitting on the counter is a bowl of chocolates, if you’d like to test your pairing.


Then, take home any bottle for 10% off. 


We have a limited supply of our Malbec, Carmènére and Petite Syrah, so the earlier in the week you start celebrating, the better.


By the way, if you’re a Cellar Rat, we’re showing you the same love, PLUS your usual discount. And, if you’re not, purchase a case of wine. That will make you a Cellar Rat for 2016! See the benefits and all the love you get for being a Cellar Rat.


Valentine’s Week at Northwest Cellars. There’s a lot to love!

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