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Special Personal Event

We were out of the country when the 40 Under 40 awards gala was held so I wanted to do something special to honor my husband. I planned a surprise dinner for him and when a friend mentioned Northwest Cellars custom wine labels I knew it was the perfect touch. The bottles were simple, but elegant (and humorous) labels, were displayed with roses and candles…they just looked perfect. We enjoyed a few bottles of wine that evening and it was excellent. Everyone was thrilled to receive a bottle of wine as a party favor and most importantly, Tom loved the personalized labels. It was a night that we will never forget, thanks in part to Northwest Cellars.

Julie Newell
Seattle, WA

Chateau Tommy


50th Birthday Party

…the wine was great! Everyone loved it. The best part was when my husband arrived with dyed hair, temporary tattoos, and fake beard and mustache…I didn’t recognize him! (I guess maybe 50 DID affect him?). Anyway, I got the last laugh as he wandered to the wine table and said, “Well, honey, what kind of wine did you get?” He picked up a bottle, stared at it a few seconds then exclaimed, “Holy sh__! That’s me!”…I got the last laugh 🙂 He LOVED the wine more than any other aspect of his bash…We kept one bottle and have it out on our bar at home. Thanks again.

Angela Butoryak
Seattle, WA



Personal Gift

When I picked up the wine, I believe it was the owner/manager of the wine shop, said the Rebecca label was one of the best he had ever seen. The best response, though, is from my doctor. He was absolutely blown away. He thought she looked like a movie star! He took your information because they are opening a new office and he thought this would be a great way to welcome/advertise. I think the label is stunning — very, very classy.

Ms. Olson
Seattle, WA

Chief’s Daughter

Personal Gift

Personal Gift

Thank you for your help making this project a reality! I have been working on this concept for a number years and and now that I have received the final product, I am delighted. The whole package — the label, the service and your wine choices — is fabulous. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the wines are, especially for the price. I feel very fortunate to have found this cost effective way to make my dream happen! The reaction to the Cabernet-Merlot by my associates was very positive (even better than I hoped for). Thank you for a terrific job! You are a great group to work with. Lets do it again!

Paul Kennedy
Owner Online
Gift Market

Hutch Holiday Gala


Non-Profit Organization Gift

We needed a unique way to say “thank you” to our guests and the wine labels were perfect. Northwest Cellars was great to work with and the designer took our elements and combined them to create a design that was complementary to all our marketing materials. The sparkling wine with our unique label was the perfect way to deliver a very personal message to a large number of people.

Sherrie Swingle
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Ben & Rachel

Personal Gift

Wedding Gift

I just gotta tell ya, we really are enjoying your wines. It is sentimental, of course, to drink from a bottle w/your kid’s wedding photo on it, but your stuff is truly great tasting. Thx for the fine products and the fine service.

Dick Patterson

Vin d’Irene


Birthday Gift

I was totally surprised and impressed with the gift my daughter Lael gave me for my 60th Birthday. I have heard of personalized wine labels but have never seen them, these were very nicely done. We enjoyed a bottle on my Birthday and last week had company from out of town so were able to ‘Toast me again’. We are now heading to our vacation home and will take a couple of bottles to celebrate with family and friends that were not able to be here for my Birthday. I will be able to celebrate my entire Birthday year and with a case of personalized wine it is ‘so much fun to share’. The wine itself was smooth and on par with our favorite white wines.

Irene Carlson
Kirkland, WA

Lavender Connection


Business Gift

I’ve given a few away – and shown the label to lots of people. The feedback is great! Your designer did a fantastic job. I took a bottle to Thanksgiving dinner and everyone there really liked the label – and the wine, too. It was quite a treat. Thanks so much. I am beyond pleased.

Susan Olson
The Lavender Connection
Sequim, WA