What People Are Saying

“They’re always very knowledgeable & are continually releasing new wines. They’re very active in supporting the local non-profit community in fundraising.”

School Fundraising


Wine Fundraisers

Schools are successfully fundraising with wine and    it’s easy to see why. Wine fundraisers are a fun opportunity for a social occasion with fellow parents. It’s much more sophisticated than some of the more common school fundraisers; but keeping it light-hearted and fun will dispel the fear factor and remind donors that they do not need to be experts to enjoy good wine. It’s a great opportunity to get to know people and build support for your school.

The process is simple:

1. Students create art for labels.

2. Northwest Cellars works with the school to schedule a wine tasting with the parents. Using an order form, parents order the wines they like with their own child’s artwork on the label.

3. The school gathers the order forms and submits a summary of the orders to Northwest Cellars. We process the orders, do the labeling, and the school picks up the wine at our Kirkland location.

Keys to success: For successful school fundraising you’ll need a good group of volunteers to manage the process, a graphic designer to assemble the final labels, a great turnout at the wine tasting event

Recent Custom Wine Labels

Northwest Cellars sells the wine to the school at a 40% discount, and the school can sell to the parents at whatever price they choose. The school needs to get the appropriate Special Occasion Permit from the WSLCB.


1. We have a minimum order of 4 bottles per label.

2. The Student’s name should be somewhere on the label.

3. The file name for the label needs to be in the format smith_john.jpg, using the student’s name; and the order forms need to match.

4. The labels need to be the horizontal format, details here. We will provide you an upload link.

yerkes school label CUSTOMER QUOTE:
  “We were so glad we found Northwest Cellars to help us with our custom wine label auction project. The children had so much fun creating their own labels, the wines were very high quality, and  Northwest Cellars was so easy to work with. And most importantly, the project raised almost $9,000 for our school!”
Assumption-St. Bridget School