About Petit Verdot

Petit verdot is a red grape originally from the Bordeaux Region of Southern France. The name, translated to ‘little green one’, refers to the long ripening season associated with this variety. In France, the growing season was too short for the tannins found within this little grape to ripen fully. While other grapes would be harvested, blended, and bottled, petit verdot would still be on the vine, green and taking its sweet time. Since it was such a late-ripening grape, petit verdot was used as a blending grape in red Bordeaux blends, lending its unique notes and rich color to each blend, but only in small amounts due to the bitterness. 

In recent years, petit verdot has made a comeback as not only a blending grape, but continues to gain popularity as a single varietal wine. A grape that was once confined to the colder climates and shorter growing seasons of Southern France has now journeyed across the world, thriving in places like Chile, Australia, California, and our very own Washington state. In these warmer climates, petit verdot is able to fully ripen.


Flavor Profile

Petit verdot is a full, dry, high tannin wine. Warmer climates that allow the grape to fully ripen unveil notes of violet, sage, blackberry jam, leather, and licorice within.

In cooler climates, full petit verdot wines are herby, with notes of blueberry and tart blackberry.


Pairing Petit Verdot

When pairing wine, you want the food to compliment the best characteristic of the wine. Petit verdot is a full-bodied, chewy, spicy wine. Picking foods that mirror these attributes of this wine will help provide the fullest experience of both. 

Consider pairing petit verdot with smoked and spicy meats and sausage, strong cheese, and other savory dishes.


Where Petit Verdot is Found Today

Like we said earlier, Petit Verdot has made the rounds and can now be found all over the world. Today, petit verdot can be found in:

Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, Peru, Portugal, Spain, and The United States, notably in California, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, North Carolina, and Eastern Washington.

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