Frequently Asked Questions

About Ordering Our Wine And Custom Wine Labels

What Is Unique About Your Wines?

We source grapes from some of the finest vineyards in Washington State, primarily from Walla Walla, Horse Heaven Hills, and Yakima Valley. Our wines win awards all across the country, often beating out the “big boys”, but our prices are very competitive.

How Much Does The Wine Cost?

Visit our wines page for current prices

Are There Any Volume Discounts?

Yes, a 10% discount on a case or more.

What Is The Minimum Order?

The minimum order is one bottle.

What Is The Turnaround Time For An Order?

Usually we can process an order and deliver it in less than three weeks, often sooner. It will go faster if you have a good idea on what you want on the wine label, and if you supply high quality graphics. Read more about artwork and image specifications.

Do I Need To Order All The Same Type Of Wine?

No, you can order different types of wine with your custom label.

What If I Live Outside Of Washington State?

Wine can now be shipped to most states. Find out if we can ship to you at www.ups.com/wine.

What Are Approximate Shipping Charges For A Case Of Wine?

Normal ground shipping will vary between about $25 per case and $60 per case, depending on where you live.

How Will The Wines Come Shipped?

We wrap each bottle and pack it in Styrofoam shippers to protect the wine from heat or cold. However, we still do not recommend ground shipping in the summer or winter. We would recommend overnight or 2nd Day during these times.

Can I Taste Your Wines Before Purchasing?

With a minimum order of one bottle, you can Order one to try before placing your larger order.

How Does The Label Design Process Work?

You may email any wine label artwork (e.g., photo, logo) along with the text you want on your personalized wine label to Artwork @ Northwest Cellars and one of our designers will contact you. Or, If you prefer to complete the design yourself, please provide the finished wine label as an attachment to your email on the ordering process. Please review artwork specifications here: Wine Label Artwork Specifications.

Do You Charge For Wine Label Design?

No, at this time we offer complimentary wine label design for supplied images, although there is a setup fee for each order. There is an additional fee for custom artwork.

How Much Is The Setup Fee?

The set up fee is $85 per label. However, when you reorder using the same label, we will waive the fee.

What Is The Maximum Size Of The Wine Labels?

There are different specifications for each bottle type. Click here for wine label artwork specifications

Can I Order More Than One Wine Label Design For A Case Of Wine?

Yes, but there is a separate setup fee for each label design. You will need to specify how many bottles are to be labeled with the respective designs.

Is There An Extra Wine Label Setup Fee If I Order 2 Cases Of Wine — 1 Red And 1 White?

There is only one setup fee as long as the label design itself remains the same even though the wine type name changes, e.g. Merlot or Chardonnay.

Can I Order “Extra” Wine Labels With My Order Of Wine?

All bottles are delivered with labels affixed. We offer additional labels at a cost of $0.75 cents per label. Labels produced by Northwest Cellars may not be affixed to any non-Northwest Cellars-branded wine.