The Daunting Relationship of Chocolate and Wine

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Chocolate and Wine: A Daunting but Delightful Pair

Chocolate and Wine has long been one of our favorite pairings.  It’s seductive and sensual, yet easy and accessible.  However it can seem a bit daunting – how is it done correctly?


First, we encourage you to sign up for one of our popular Chocolate and Wine classes here.  Local Redmond chocolatier Brugge Chocolates  walks us through a delicious paired tasting, plus you get goodies to bring home to continue the experiment.


And that is something we encourage – experimentation.  Go to your local chocolate shop and pick up a few different types (dark, light, salted, flavored).  Or get your apron on and whip up something in the kitchen.  This is a nice option because you can alter the recipe to your liking.  For instance, you can’t get more classic and sensual than a chocolate mousse (we love this classic recipe from Jen Reviews here).  Then invite some friends over and open a bottle or two of wine.  We recommend starting with red; there’s something about the way red wine tannins pair with the protein in the chocolate that leaves you wanting more.  Try a soft red blend and something bolder like a cabernet.  If you are up for a challenge, move on to some white wines. The different structure of white wines vs red makes for vastly different pairings.  An often cited rule of thumb is you do not want the dessert to be sweeter than the wine (no one wants a wine to taste bitter in comparison to a dessert!) but there are exceptions:  full bodied whites (such as viognier and some chardonnays) pair beautifully with chocolate, especially when the wine is a bit chilled. Then sip and taste. Compare and contrast.  Repeat.

It really comes down to this:  do you like it?  Then it’s correct!  If only the rest of life were that simple…

Do you have chocolate and wine pairing tips and ideas?  We’d love to hear about them!

Until then, may your glass be full and your chocolate delicious!

– NW Cellars


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