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This month we are introducing a new feature, “The Word Around Wine” by Peggy Rita.  Peggy is our Tasting Room Manager and writes those fabulous tasting note cards for all of our wines.  Peggy first turned her eye from drinking wine to studying this intriguing substance after a trip to Italy and France some 15 years ago.  She then studied at Northwest Wine Academy and found the world of wine was immense and fascinating.  Moving on to receive her certificate form the French Scholar Guild with highest honors, she has been tasting room manager at Northwest Cellars since August 2011.


Do I like this wine? 
For the consumer this is the most important thing to ask. Because, if you don’t like it, why in the world would you drink it, let alone buy it?
Even if a wine is unfamiliar, or you once had a bad experience with some varietal, or you don’t know how to pronounce it, or you heard it said in a movie that, OMG, Merlot is so déclassé! Well, everything changes.
Your preference for wine can and usually does change too. Remember those long ago days of sweet white wines in college? And then, not so sweet? And then, some nice soft Merlots? And, then, nothing but a big Cabernet would do! And nary a white in sight! It’s a common progression.
This is where it can get interesting. Here is where the wine meets the palate. If you let it, that is. So let it. Never heard of Carménère? Taste it! How is that you say? Mourvèdre? Taste it! A blend of Malbec and Petite Sirah (only found at Northwest Cellars…just sayin’…)?
Taste it!
The wines change too. Have you had the experience of trying a wine you have had before and suddenly thinking, this is tasting really good to me now? Sometimes, when Bob and I are picking a new vintage to release and it doesn’t taste “ready”, I am amazed by how much better it will taste in time. Less tannic, not so sharp, more balanced overall. Ah, that we could all age thusly!
And try some of those whites. When I was in the “no whites for me” phase, I happened to try a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Well, slap my momma, it was so bracing and refreshingly tasty! Try Viognier even if it is one of those difficult French words. Smells heavenly and so luscious! And the world of rosés, oh my!
These are the opportunities for expanding pleasure in your life. Who doesn’t want that?
My position is this; taste everything. Then taste it again. Give it a chance. You just might like that different wine after all.
~ Peggy


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