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One of the things that I have come to appreciate as I learn more and more about wine is how every decision along the way is a choice. And every choice has consequences. Before a vine is even planted there are many things to consider. What variety and cultivar will be grown? What soil will support it? What kind of sun aspect will it get? Is it near a river or body of water that will affect it? What elevation will keep good acidity in the grape? Which grapes like heat? Which like it a little cooler? Is there a wind factor? How long will a particular variety need to ripen? Is there a microclimate in this area? And then, will there be irrigation? What style of training, pruning, and trellising? Mon dieu, thees must be zee terroir!
Then the grapes meet the winemaker. 
And another immensely complicated series of decisions are made. We’ll discuss those another day. But what I want you to think about is this: every wine has its own story. The mystery is in the glass. It’s a great whodunnit that we get to recreate, think about, and imagine. It’s a specific life. Just as each of ours is. So pour a glass, sit back, and ponder that.
~ Peggy


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