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Extreme Meetings

The Company

Extreme Meetings, founded by Brian Walter in 1998, is a training and consulting firm specializing in leadership development, team building, and communications and workplace performance. Extreme Meetings gets a company’s tailored message across through the use of game shows, stand-up routines and songs, in order to help that message “stick” with employees. Walter has performed for groups of seven to 7,000, in small halls to large areas around the country.


Before utilizing Northwest Cellars, Extreme Meetings would send a basket of cookies with a note, or a regular bottle of wine as a thank you gift. “These gifts were “fine” but certainly did not set us apart from the crowd in any way,” said Walters.


Our Solution

Create a multi-purpose marketing tool, consistent with the look and feel of the company, which Extreme Meetings can use for:

  • A “Thanks for a Successful Project” gift. There are numerous projects each year that are high risk and/or are challenging. When they work out well, it’s important for the company to commemorate the successful completion of the project.
  • An “Oops” gift. Something will invariably go wrong, whether a missed deadline, unclear communications, or other disaster. Sending a bottle of wine is a great accompaniment to an apology.
  • An “I’d Like You to Do This” gift. Often, the company is in the position of asking a client or vendor to do something extra, and the customized wine makes for an excellent inducement.

The Results

The custom labels and excellent wines allow Extreme Meetings to create a lasting, targeted message to clients and vendors. “The impact is much greater and much more immediate with the Northwest Cellars custom-labeled wine,” said Walter.

“I have a meeting planning client who just works haaaaard! Too often, meeting planners get all the work but little of the glory of a successful corporate event. So, when the holidays came around, I sent my client some customized label chocolate and red wine from Northwest Cellars. I received a thank you on my voicemail and she was literally tearing up! In it she thanks me for my letter and especially for the wine and chocolate. I believe my vendor gift was the only one she received from the many she gets business for. How sad for them, but how great a chance for me to stand out. Small, sophisticated gifts work.”

Brian Walter

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