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A 60th Birthday Party with Surprise Wedding Vows

For my husband’s 60th Birthday Party I wanted everything to be perfect down to the last detail. Thanks to the creative help of Northwest Cellars, we were able to give each of our guests a bottle of wine that was personalized just for our party. How often can you find a great quality bottle of wine with a label that has a picture of your husband in the bath tub? It was a huge hit!!! We also served Northwest Cellars wine at the party and the response was wonderful to both the red and white wine.

My husband, John, surprised me at his birthday party and asked me to renew our wedding vows. Not only did I get a new beautiful wedding ring, but each of our guests received a fabulous dark Belgian chocolate bar, from Northwest Cellars, with our image and the words “You still take my breath away, Love John.” It was a spectacular party and I am still receiving thank you notes for the wonderful gifts we gave our guests. Most of them had to stop looking at the chocolate bar and just eat it because it was so tempting. Thank you Northwest Cellars for making this a party people won’t ever forget.

Especially me!

Mrs. Wendy Hardman
Bellevue, WA


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