Take a Wine Tour to Explore Spain

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By Winfield Wines

The best way to explore Spain is to visit different regions of specific tourist value. What better way than to take a wine tour and learn about how different cultures existed for generations in a country proud of its inheritance. It may have started years ago with a tour organized by family-run businesses taking you around their orchards but the situation has changed drastically.

People travel great distances and were ready to walk miles to see how a traditional winemaking business functioned. Many still use ancient tools and barrels to recreate the scene of a typical brewery functioning like clockwork for generations.

Times have changed, and you are now privileged to have organized tours take you around Spain specifically to watch and enjoy the process of winemaking at some of the best breweries you’ll find in Europe. Tour operators specifically design wine tours and add a few extra motivating factors of their own to come up with the perfect itinerary suitable for short as well as long excursions.

Kindle Special Interests

Tours are also organized to satisfy special interests of people arriving with specific preferences and nostalgic memories from back home. Time availability is always an important factor and is incorporated into all organized tours. For example, Spain has a rich heritage left behind by many different cultures sparked through the adventurous spirit of invaders who realized the potential of living lifestyles similar to those experienced at home.

Over the years, they used natural resources gathered from different regions of Spain and used processes they brought with them to grow some of the best wines you’ll find across Europe and in the world. Visitors are exposed to Andalusian and La Mancha cultures associated with specific regions that take them to Don Quixote’s windmills and typical winegrowing areas of Rioja and Ribera del Duero.

Nowadays, wine connoisseurs have a lot of choice when it comes to drink and travel. Wine tasting events can be attended not only in the Mediterranean, but also across northern Europe and beyond. These have grew to be a great tourist attraction that offer quality wine tasting events and great enjoyment for tourists and locals. The reason why these kinds of places attract so many people is that it is a very cultural place, known for making wine.

Spanish food is a major draw for most tourists arriving from different parts of the world. Whether you’re looking to have tapas (appetizers) or paella (rice dish), you can literally travel around Spain and find different varieties of wine to go along with different kinds of food specialties specific to the region. Take a river cruise and visit century-old wineries or have the famous Menorcan lobster stew at different beach resorts.

Enjoy A Carnival On The Way

Plan your wine tour a bit in advance and enjoy the famous festivals taking place at different times of the year. Whether it’s the carnival season in February or other festivals based on village traditions, you’ll always be close to a vineyard producing local wines of exceptional quality. Understand the way people live and approach life. Family-run businesses offer traditional recipes preserved within their family to guests.

A wine tour can literally be a sightseeing tour of Spain to understand how Spanish natives lead their daily lives. Walk through scenic fields or spend a day with locals at a vineyard. Many popular brands have special outlets close to their brewery offering unique labels and other local products. You can come again and again to visit other vineyards and still feel you’re there for the very first time.


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