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By Ben Hilzinger

Here at Northwest Cellars, we’ve designed and hand-labeled thousands of custom wine bottles since our inception in 2004 while giving each order a personal touch. Our goal has always been to provide custom bottles of high-quality, award-winning wines at an affordable price and combining them with artistic imagination to create unique gifts. Northwest Cellars’ wines are ideal for special events, hotels, restaurants, private clubs, non-profit fundraisers, and personal, corporate and unique promotional gifts.
The gift of a custom wine bottle is perfect for any occasion. Grand opening? Wedding? Best year in company history? A thank you to everyone who volunteered for a successful event? I could go on forever. There’s no better statement of gratitude or celebration than sharing a gift specifically made with that certain recipient in mind. We can’t begin to describe the tremendous feedback we’ve gathered while forming strong relationships with our clients and providing private labels for their needs year after year.  
Recently, we had the pleasure of providing a custom label to the Seattle Pacific Science Center’s “King Tut Exhibit. Running from last May to early this January, the exhibit saw over 700,000 visitors and experienced great support from the community during its spectacular run. Initially wanting to use a California producer for the custom label, a private tasting with event coordinators involving our Cadenza red blend quickly made Northwest Cellars the obvious choice. All in all, the exhibit bought over 150 cases of our wine and used them for hotel promotions, Pacific Science Center events, and sold some in retail to promote awareness. Halfway through the exhibit’s run, we were happy to announce our Cadenza was awarded the extremely coveted DOUBLE PLATINUM from Wine Press Northwest along with a Gold in the Seattle Wine Awards. Although most of the wine had gone towards the King Tut exhibit, we were happy to provide the service and allow the visitors to walk home with an extra treat. FUN FACT: Recent studies have shown the residue found in the jars buried with King Tut contained wine made with red grapes.  We’re confident he’d have approved of his face on our wine.

Here are some recent testimonials from happy customers we’ve helped over the years:

“A gift of wine from Northwest Cellars makes TWO impressions. One is the obvious, cool personalized gift. The second is the phone call I get a couple weeks later when they say, “We had that wine last night. It was SO good! Where did you GET that?!?”

“Thank you for your help making this project a reality! I have been working on this concept for a number years and and now that I have received the final product, I am delighted. The whole package — the label, the service and your wine choices — is fabulous. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the wines are, especially for the price. I feel very fortunate to have found this cost effective way to make my dream happen! The reaction…was very positive (even better than I hoped for). Thank you for a terrific job! You are a great group to work with. Lets do it again!”

“Northwest Cellars’ customized wine is my secret weapon. I use it every month as my thanks/sorry/please tool. It celebrates victories with clients, serves as a tangible symbol of apology for when things go awry, and is a powerful incentive for prompting action.”

We hope you choose Northwest Cellars for your next custom label and let us take away the stress of finding that perfect gift. We would be happy to provide references so you can talk to other clients about how they have used our wines. For your inspiration, here are some samples of some of the wine gift labels that we’ve created for our customers–and some they’ve created themselves.

As our owner, Bob Delf, says, “The wine speaks for itself, now let it speak for you.”


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