Wild Boar Ragu with Paparadelle + 2005 Intrigue

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Wild Boar Ragu with Paparadelle

1.1 lbs. Boneless Wild Boar Neck, small diced
Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 small Spanish onion, minced
1 small carrot, minced
1 T. garlic, minced
1 oz. extra virgin olive oil
1 T. butter
1/2 c. veal stock
1 pinch red pepper flakes
2 fresh roma tomatoes, medium diced
1 T. high quality tomato paste
1 T. high quality red wine vinegar
1 oz. heavy cream
1 T. Parmigiano-Reggiano, grated
1 t. parsley, chopped
4 portions fresh pasta. rolled thin and cut by hand (1 1/2” wide)

Method (1) Heat medium saucepot over high heat. Season boar generously with salt and pepper. When pot is quite hot, add boar, oil and butter. (2) Allow meat to brown thoroughly, then add onion and carrot. Reduce heat, and sweat vegetables until they are slightly caramelized, then add garlic. (3) When garlic releases its aroma, add chile flakes, tomatoes and tomato paste. Cook for another few minutes, then add the veal stock; cover, and barely simmer for 30 minutes or until boar is tender. (4) Drop pasta in boiling salted water. Add cream and vinegar to the ragu; turn up the heat. When pasta is ready, add to ragu along with parsley and cheese. (5) Adjust seasoning and consistency. If ragu is too thick, splash a little  pasta water into it. Serve.

Wine Pairing: Northwest Cellars Intrigue 2005, Washington State
This marvelous Merlot, blended with a good dollop of Syrah, is a grand match for the earthy richness of the boar.

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